How can we promote careers in STEM to girls in school?

A little while ago I was asked to participate in an upcoming campaign to encourage more girls to study STEM subjects with the company STA Travel Education. Obviously, being an advocate for Women in STEM I jumped at the chance! Especially when they asked me to write an article about how to promote careers in STEM to girls. One of my favourite parts of being a teacher is being in the position to foster curiosity in my favourite subject, and in particular with girls, who are sadly still underrepresented in the STEM job market, post university.

To read the full article, click the image below:

Women in STEM
How can we promote careers in STEM to girls in school?

I had so much fun writing this article and got so much fab advice from people on Twitter! I hope you get a chance to read it, please let me know what you think!

women in STEM
My reading list has increased since researching this article. Two books down, loads to go!

Some of the inspiration behind this article can be found below if you want to check them out for yourself…

•  These amazing posters from Nevertheless (a podcast about Women transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology). These are perfect for a classroom display, hopefully with the idea of normalizing women in STEM. I would probably include men on my display too, so we are equalizing the role of women in STEM and not sensationalizing them.

•  While you are there, they also have a fab podcast episode about why role models in STEM are important for young people to help them pursue their own future STEM career.

•  Not entirely focused on women in STEM, but here are a great set of posters available from Nitty Gritty Science that you could rotate as ‘Science job of the week’ or just have displayed year-round to show a glimpse into the diversity of careers available in STEM, which all students may not be aware of.

•  If you are looking for some fab resources, ready to go and with great diversity, check out these worksheets created by @AlMacHistory. They contain lots of examples of women in STEM and are research based activities.

•  Introduce your students to some of the amazing women working at the cutting edge of STEM. There are lots to follow on Twitter, you could possibly arrange a Zoom/Skype meeting with them! I have made this list to get you started, however there are so many more out there!! Use social media to your advantage to encourage engagement with those in STEM!

•  ‘Women in Science’ is a brilliant book by Rachel Ignotofsky are available online, here is her website. She has books and postcards outlining women in various fields, not just science!

•  Here are some links to ready-made lessons that discuss women in science along with other contexts:

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