8 Top Tips for First Year Science Teachers!

Welcome to your first year of teaching science!! It is a fantastic job, full of so much excitement and ‘Eureka!’ moments (for you and your students!). But, let’s face it, teaching science is quite daunting. You have all the similar issues of assessment/subject knowledge/exam prep as all the other subjects, but you are doing itContinue reading “8 Top Tips for First Year Science Teachers!”

How can we promote careers in STEM to girls in school?

A little while ago I was asked to participate in an upcoming campaign to encourage more girls to study STEM subjects with the company STA Travel Education. Obviously, being an advocate for Women in STEM I jumped at the chance! Especially when they asked me to write an article about how to promote careers inContinue reading “How can we promote careers in STEM to girls in school?”

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Education

This guest piece is from Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society – June 2020 Pay inequality thrives because of a lack of transparency. We don’t like talking about pay, and women don’t currently have the right to know what their male colleagues earn even if they suspect pay discrimination. 28 more words ExploringContinue reading “Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Education”

Back to School!

So this week was the first back at school with the students. We had a few teacher only days last week, which I was VERY grateful for. I managed to spend some time prepping my classroom in between planning meetings, which means I am finally (almost) happy with the way my classroom is looking! SomeContinue reading “Back to School!”

Teacher Wellbeing – How to avoid burnout.

Avoiding burnout is crucial to keep teachers in the classroom teaching. I am sure we have all been there… Stressed and tired, hyper and fuzzy brained after one (or 4!) too many coffees… Just trying to make it through the day. Teaching is hard, it is AMAZING but hard. I’ve worked all sorts of crazyContinue reading “Teacher Wellbeing – How to avoid burnout.”

What I know now – Memories of a first year teacher.

I recently hopped back on to Twitter and have been delving into the #edutwitter, #edchat areas looking for like minded folk to follow and get their perspectives on the world of education (partly for ideas/inspiration, mostly because I am nosy). One thing I have noticed is the number of beginning teachers on there getting fantasticContinue reading “What I know now – Memories of a first year teacher.”

Where to find my resources?

Good afternoon! Hope your day has been fantastic 😀 I will be sharing resources on my blog, but I will also be sharing them on Pinterest, Teachers pay Teachers and TES.com. Feel free to check them out below! Miss Osmosis on Pinterest Miss Osmosis TES Shop Miss Osmosis TpT Link Feel free to subscribe toContinue reading “Where to find my resources?”

Free Biology Resource!

As a welcome and a thank you for visiting my brand new blog, I am giving out a free resource to all new subscribers! There is a choice of 2 worksheets up for grabs: Lung Structure Research Task: This worksheet is designed to be a research task, I work in a BYOD school so IContinue reading “Free Biology Resource!”